Why not you …?!

As a bird in his nest

You build a warm dream

But your eye needs a breast

To choose an other game

Nobody can, now, replace

Your sense in my heart

And only your tender face

As a moon, fills my night

If you have a simple doubt

About my sweet feelings

Would you, please, take a boat

Then, come to break my wings

Once more, my heart is yours

Keep it in your sky

Do not tell me: “of course”

And will you ask me: “why?”

You follow a thin smoke

Flying near your hand

You want to have a look

To measure its end

The smoke is an allusion

Never created somewhere

You feel uncoloured explosion

Everywhere you knocked the air

I hear the songs of bird

Not like I heard them before

I suddenly become scared

As I cancel my burnet door

It is just a bad story

Narrated by my pain

Certainly, I am so sorry

To have lost even my pen.